PSI conducts non-exclusive regional evaluations, typically tied to specific lease sales or drilling activity within several partnerships. PSI generates these evaluations on risk, allowing for a cost-effective product to be shared among participating companies. 

List of studies, by region:

North America
Canada - Flemish Pass Basin/East Orphan Basin
USA - Great Basin (click here to download flyer)
USA - SCOOP Plays of Central-South Oklahoma (click here to download flyer)

Northwest Europe
Norway - Barents Sea Phase 1 GCMS CSIA
Norway - Barents Sea Phase 2 GCMS CSIA
Norway - Norwegian Sea Phase 2 - Outer Flanks of the Norwegian Sea GCMS CSIA
Norway - Goliat GCMS CSIA
Norway - Tampen Spur GCMS CSIA
UK - West of Shetland Islands GCMS CSIA

Libya - Off-Shore Libya GCMS CSIA

South America
Uruguay - Off-Shore Uruguay GCMS CSIA

PSI-SGI Great Basin Study

PSI spec studies

PSI-SGI Great Basin Study: Select Petroleum System Elements and Processes

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