The strategic affiliates of PSI represent a group of companies in key international markets that work cooperatively to complete petroleum systems studies.  This work can be in the host country and/or an adjacent region.

This global presence provides PSI clients with the competitive advantage of working with an organization that combines global experience, current technologies, and local knowledge.  The affiliate companies provide expertise in a variety of disciplines which include geology, geochemistry, biostratigraphy, petrophysics, geophysics, and operations.  The collective group of companies provide cost-effective quality services to our industrial clients.

Primary Partnerships: 

  • Dan Schelling: structural geology (especially compressional)
  • Larry Moyer: reservoir and stratigraphy (especially Rocky Mountains)
  • Kurt Constenious: stratigraphy, fieldwork, exploration
  • Monte Hoffman: drilling, completions, exploration
  • Jon Payne: asset value, reserves, completions
  • Mel Klinger: asset value, reserves, petrophysics
  • Scott Field: field ops, wellsite mass spec and XRD
  • Chris Toland: detailed diagenesis (especially clastics)

Primary Laboratories/Vendors: 

  • StratoChem: geochemistry
  • Weatherford: Isotech, Baseline, Humble
  • Schlumberger: Fluid Inclusion Technologies
  • HAWK/Daniel Jarvie
  • Zetaware: Zhiyong He